Down with PayPal

Work with PayPal? I'd sooner die of some horrible debilitating disease. Is that how you feel? Well, you're not alone. The following people are fed up with PayPal. Check out their stories and if you have one you'd like to add, contact me and I'll post your story, too. Maybe we can get PayPal to start providing a service to the people from whom they take money. Don't hold your breath.

I am providing this website to others without charge. Whether the stories are accurate or not, I am not in a position to determine. PayPal won't talk to anyone. I will retain copies of all e-mail that is sent to me in the event that PayPal decides I've been naughty.

My story - I want to change my contact information which PayPal tells me that I can do. I'm not home and my wife maintains our auctions. PayPal won't do it unless I send them information that will allow them to empty my bank account. I have to send them a copy of my photo ID so they will have my signature and a copy of my bank account. They want it faxed so that anyone walking past the fax machine can take it out and make copies. Doesn't that sound intelligent. This is the response I got when I tried to change it online.

Thank you for inquiring about how to change the name on your PayPal Account.  Allowed name changes to a PayPal Account would be corrections of typos that happen when signing up, or any legal name change.  These requests to change your name on your account should be sent via fax to 402-537-5732.  When sending a request, please send a copy of documentation to support the requested change, (i.e. Marriage License, Divorce Papers, Official Name Change documents) as well as a copy of a current drivers license or official ID.  If you are requesting a correction to your name, please send a copy of your driver's license to support the change.

Now you can complain to PayPal, but it won't do you any good. I have given them over $1600 in a 9-month period and they won't listen to me. In fact, in three different situation, PayPal has never returned a phone call when they have assured me that they would. In fact, while I'm typing this, I'm still waiting.

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