A Little Bit About My Background


I grew up in a small town in north-central Iowa where I graduated from high school.  After graduation, I attended Waldorf College for two years and then Dana College in Nebraska.

After college, I attended the Electronic Computer Programming Institute.

Work Experiences

I have worked on computers for nearly 40 years. 

I began with UNIVAC in 1969 as a computer programmer and, most recently, owned my own company developing imaging software for the Supervisors of Elections in many Florida counties.

We had the first election imaging software that was designed to operate with the Windows operating system. 

Additionally, I traveled extensively throughout the state attending elections conferences, installing software, and helping the elections offices overcome a deficit of computer skills.

We also developed tools that proved invaluable to the Supervisors.  We released three sets of advisory opinions on CDs: 

  • The Florida Division of Elections opinions (DEs)

  • The Florida Attorney General's opinions (AGOs)

  • The Florida Commission on Ethics opinions (CEOs)